Here are a few words from clients who have been through the Rolfing process with me…

“I learnt so much about myself throughout the Rolfing process with Aidan.  In each session I became increasingly more aware of myself, both physically and also in relation to the outside world and other people.  I looked forward to each and every session, which made such a difference to my physical and psychological wellbeing.  I am really looking forward to follow-up sessions with Aidan, and continue to develop, explore and learn.

As a practitioner, Aidan has a wonderful energy and warmth that made me feel at peace and safe and free to focus and commit to the experience of each session.  His explanations and reflections of the work were very useful, preparing me for what to expect in each session.  I felt very much that Aidan are I were experiencing and moving through the Rolfing process together, that the experience was shaped to me as an individual.

An enjoyable process, one that I would urge anyone and everyone with an interest in understanding more about their bodies and movement to participate in.”

Rebecca Stancliffe, Dance Tutor, Trinity Laban

“Working with Aidan has had a huge and wonderful impact on my life. Beyond the obvious physical effects, and my looser, more relaxed, more aligned, efficient and dynamic posture, Aidan’s work has profound emotional consequences. His Rolfing sessions have helped me find a new physical and emotional balance, relating to myself, other people and my surroundings with a new ease and warmth.

My work as an actor has a new depth and emotional flexibility, while carrying so much more warmth in my day-to-day has, without question, changed my life. Aidan’s generous presence, his keen intelligence, and his genuine expertise are unique – I can’t recommend his work highly enough.”

Matt Maltby, Actor

“Working with Aidan through the Rolfing sessions has been a wonderful experience. I have become much more aware of the way my body inhabits space, and the way in which my body is structured. For example I have found through Rolfing exercises that I tend to push my head up, and push my chest forward. In a way this is a fake physical assertiveness. Through Aidan’s work I have found a more peaceful posture, which is still stable and strong. As a voice coach, the work has helped me to reflect on the importance of allowing my students to find a better balance in their own body use, rather than imposing a false ideal of posture. It has been a rich and valuable experience.”

Dewi Hughes, Head Of Voice, Drama Studio London

I was very intrigued when I heard Aidan was starting out into the world of Rolfing. After spending two years of training with him in movement at drama school I jumped at the opportunity to work with him again. I initially approached Aidan about Rolfing because I felt I’d become slightly disconnected with my body & I also felt that I wanted to tackle some deeper issues like taking myself out into the world, rather than being in this inner spiral, posturally and also with my thoughts. I have been on an incredible journey with Aidan. Through the 10 sessions I’ve learnt how to open myself up physically, which has given me a new found confidence, openness & curiosity. I’ve also found a grounded directness, which I’ve always struggled with in the past. In essence Aidan has helped me blossom & has given me a framework in which I can continue to grow & explore. I thoroughly recommend Aidan to anyone wanting to explore the greater possibilities of what you can be.

Tara Dowd, Actress

“The journey through the 10 Rolfing sessions with Aidan was amazing. I re-connected with my body – my posture is improved, pains in my legs and lower back have gone.

I feel physically and emotionally much more balanced. I really can’t recommend Aidan enough!”

Anneline Hursthouse

“I found receiving the 10 Rolfing sessions from Aidan fascinating and revealing. His energetic space felt safe and I trusted him implicitly, which made transformation possible… From the initial consultation in session one, trust and the feeling of safety was established and I felt contained throughout the session, which then helped me feel a lot of emotions whilst being treated and stay with them.

This was probably the first time I had been able to access my emotions, acknowledge them and feel safe enough to let them go… I now have an awareness of my body that I did not have before, and also an awareness of my emotional self never experienced previously.”

Sybil Darrington, Sports and Massage Therapist