The Rolfing ’10 Series’

The 10 series is known as ‘The Recipe’. Far from being a formulaic approach that works towards an ideal body shape or the idea of perfect alignment, the recipe provides a structure through which Rolfer and client can discover more economical, stable and embodied ways of organising the body on every level. In Rolfing we understand the body as being a self regulatary and self organsing system, so the recipe is a model utilised to enhance the natural process of balance, organisation and harmony towards which the body is continually searching.

Session 1 - Freeing the breath

The focus on the first Rolfing session is on opening the process. To facilitate this we bring attention to the way that we breath. The hands-on work takes place around the surface structures of breathing; ribs, torso, shoulders and also hips and pelvis. Rolfers see the dynamics of breath and relate them to orientation in Gravity: the exhale allowing release, letting go and grounding and the inhale evoking extension and opening into the space. Some educational work may take place allowing for a new and pattern and possibility in how the breath moves.

Session 2 - Finding support

In this session most of the work is done on the legs and feet to provide a solid foundation and support. By enhancing our sense of a connection to the earth we can feel more at ease and supported in our lives.

Session 3 - Creating space and owning your place

In this session we subtly balance the front and back of the body. The ribs, shoulders , lateral pelvis and legs. The third session closes the mini series of sessions 1, 2 and 3 and creates a readiness to go deeper in the following sessions.

Session 4 - Finding the core

Rolfing session 4 focusses on support but this time at a deeper core level. The inner leg and pelvis are worked to evoke a sense of support for the torso. This support provides the potential for a quality of lift and momentum from ground up through the spine.

Session 5 - Activating the core

Here we work to evoke a quality of spaciousness and balance in the structures along the front of spine; iliopsoas and the crura of the diaphram. Helping to create an ease in connection of torso and legs. Educational movement work in walking; using the spinal engine and allowing iliopsoas activation can reduce lower back pain and create greater economy.

Session 6 - Freeing the spine

In this session we work on the spine, sacrum, back and pelvis. We want to experience support, strength and orientation through awareness of the back.

Session 7 - The head

Here we help to align the head with Gravity. We work around the neck and face. Often our heads are not properly balanced on our torso creating tension that can lead to head aches, neck pain and jaw pain. We work to align the head and often our awareness of the space around us comes alive as a consequence.

Session 8 - Integration

In this we integrate all the work received. By integration we mean bringing the core of the body and the sleeve of the body into a harmonious and functional relationship and bringing the body into relationship with its environment. We address the specifics of the individual patterns that have emerged and allow the system to organise itself congruently in Gravity. Often attention is brought to the arms, connecting spine to girdle and limb. Movement work on gesture and relationship to the space is often included.

Session 9 - Integration continues

The integration process continues moving through the body, enhancing its innate contra-laterality; how movement travels and spirals through the body.

Session 10 - Completion

The final session allows for closure and integration of the entire process. It is a good time to reflect on what you gained from the process and acknowledge what you feel you accomplished.

Follow on sessions

People often feel that after some time that some maintenance work or follow on sessions would be beneficial. A series of 3 sessions or 5 sessions with a specific tailored goal for you can be specially designed. In some cases more sessions are useful. Discuss this with me and we can work out what is good for you.