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And so I’ve come to the end of my Rolfing sessions. Although it’s really not the end. I know this.

Rolfing has enriched my life in so many ways and I know it will continue to do so. What has happened over my course of the 10 sessions has been invaluable. Truly. I hope I can do it justice enough in this final blog.

I have been lifted, I have been grounded, I have felt my body awake, my mind awake. I have cried tears of joy, tears of pain. I have gone through feelings and emotions that I had forgotten were there.

My final few sessions have been some of the most powerful. The recent work Aidan did on my arms for example. I remember the session well from a few weeks ago and left feeling strong and in control…what happened over that next week was empowering. To explain, I have never felt I had the guts or the power to hold my boundary. My forcefield if you will.  After the  session where Aidan worked on my arms I noticed myself annoyed by some people, even friends. I had seen clearer than ever how many feel they can walk over me, take me for granted, ask too much. I was feeling frustrated.

As a result of the work we had done I found the power to say “No!”

Please let me reitterate how hard I find this word in the need to please all. Well not now, I was saying “no, not on, I don’t need this, I wont accept this, I deserve better, I have done enough.” More than ever in my life. And rather than seeing and feeling anger and frustration as a negative…I felt good. For the first time in a long time, if ever…

I found my true core and grit to say “no more” and to know what I deserve, as the woman I am, as the friend I am, as the actress I am, as the Daughter I am, as the sister I am. 

When I went back into the next session, and I explained how I was feeling to Aidan, his smile was one of admiration, even a beam of pride at me…this was what arm work was about and my body had responded. My mind and body were becoming more alive with each session. How wonderful is that? To be 32 years old and to still be learning, to still be growing, to be experiencing more than ever. For me it felt delightful. It felt strong. It felt like I was unlocking my real potential and ideals as a young woman. It was a real and full moment.

The next session we worked on what I can only describe as the form of my body, more work on my sides again but in more detail. This for me is more personal so I will refrain from going too deep into it, only to say I allowed myself to open up to the warmth and love of my being and form.

And so to the end…but the start of an extra special journey. My last session. We reflected on the high points and low points. What I realised was that the low points were anything but…as coming out of them made me stronger. Made me learn more about myself. The period of anxiety and panic attacks I suffered…that made me acknowledge my fears. It made me reflect on past griefs, made me understand myself more. It made me stronger. The way I started to walk taller, to open up, to know my space and to feel the ground beneath me.

My confidence in myself has grown. I am calmer and I am more centered. Many of my close family and friends have commented on the change in me…for good.

The worrying, the fear, the uncertainties of life. I can handle them. Being able to ask myself in times of doubt…’What do I need right now’ and following it up. Allowing myself to stop and breath. How my body and mind has changed and adapted is down to my work with Aidan and his work with me.

It’s one of the dearest partnerships in my life.

I am lucky to have gone through it with such a kind, caring, perseptive, talented, intuative man and friend. I can’t recommend Rolfing with Aidan highly enough. I know whole heartedly that Rolfing will now be part of my life for always and there will be more sessions to come in time. The work continues, the journey carries on. Aidan I can’t thank you enough.

With Love,

Gem x

SESSIONS 6 AND 7…happy tears.

Gemma Oaten, Rolfing blog

red_7I think I’ve sussed what Rolfing is doing for me. I think in my last 2 sessions I’ve really began to encompass and feel what I’m learning. I think I can now ask the question to myself…”What do I need right now” and it feels amazing! I went to my last session feeling so out of sorts. Shaky, ungrounded, vulnerable. It had been a tough week to be honest and immediately Aidan said “What do you need in today’s session Gem?” The question threw me a little. I always assumed there was a structure or plan to follow. But Aidan told me Rolfing can be adapted to whatever the individual needs. I hadn’t asked myself or been asked by someone else that question for such a long time, it felt. ‘What do I need right now?’ I knew what I needed after some thought and it was to feel grounded again. To feel cared for, stable and back in my body.

I’d spent the last few days feeling like I didn’t really know where I was if that makes sense? You know those times when you wake up from a deep sleep, so deep, that when you arouse, you have that brief moment of thinking ‘ where on earth am I?’ or those times you stay in hotel rooms and forget the next morning, after, say, a long journey, and wake to question where you are? That. That had been how I’d been feeling and I felt so unstable.


So the process began with Aidan asking me to place my foot in his palm and to gently find 14.07.04_RolfingPractice 107502the root, the support. My leg shook. I just couldn’t keep it still. He told me to breath and relax and gently find his palm. Amazingly, within a few minutes, the leg stopped shaking and my senses began to awaken. It was then that I realised all I had been learning and was fully aware of how my body is now starting to be able to respond quicker than ever to what it needs.

As well as the feet, we worked on the neck and shoulders, releasing the tension and finding the space within which my body lay. I started to feel my being again. I do hope this makes sense. It can be hard to explain at times, but I was becoming relaxed yet fully aware and the shaking had stopped. I started to feel connected and as one again. For the first time in the process, Aidan began to work on my face. Gently massaging the cheeks and jaw.


And here was the moment I really knew my Rolfing experience was starting to take shape.

Aidan didn’t know this but for years I have had a fear and unwillingness to have my face touched. It stems from a bad experience in my teens that I had never been able to shake off. My face being touched has always made me scared and uncomfortable yet here I was, not feeling any of that. It honestly was a real moment. Truly.

Even typing it now and remembering makes me cry. Happy tears. For the first time in what feels forever I was allowing myself to be and to trust. I hand on heart would not have got there without this process.

After we finished in fact, I did cry. I felt such a release it was incredible. The emotion washed over me and I breathed. I sighed relief and contentment and happiness.

I felt whole again. I never allow myself to stop. I find relaxing so hard. I sometimes connect it to when I was poorly and on bed rest with anorexia as a teen and I feel guilt that I shouldn’t be wasting time resting.

I should be doing as I lost all that time. Also in the industry I am in I feel I shouldn’t be stopping working or looking for work or learning. I feel  I can never say no to when someone asks me for something or to do something. We discussed how it’s ok to stop for me and I need to start asking myself the question more and more ‘What do I need right now?’ Be it a walk, a sleep, a night in, a phone call…or even just to take a deep breath.  Today I asked myself the question and the answer was in fact ‘nothing’. That made me smile. Sometimes you just need to ask the question ‘What do I need right now’ and whatever the answer, that’s yours to hold. I’m learning.

If you think you or a loved one suffer from an eating disorder, you may want to contact SEED. Here’s the link SEED Eating Disorders Support Service

Maybe you are considering trying a Rolfing Session with Aidan, in London, here’s how to MAKE AN ENQUIRY OR BOOK A SESSION

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Sessions 4 and 5: grief …and a show tune!

Gemma Oaten, Rolfing blog

It’s been a while since I last blogged for my Rolfing session and now it’s time to write again I’m going to be a little bit more personal than I’ve ever been. 

After session 3 (where we worked on my ‘sides’) I developed a kidney infection, in fact quite a severe one. I was in agony, delirious and it is an experience I care not to repeat that’s for sure! Apparently bad kidney infections can be worse than child birth…I’ll pass on having kids for a little bit longer! The reason I mention this is because Aidan worked on and around my kidneys and upon seeing the Doctor and explaining the situation she told me that having had a kidney infection which I passed off as cystitis back in January and left untreated, this kidney infection had spread into the upper urinary tract meaning it had always been there and was laying dormant. In fact the Rolfing may have saved me developing kidney stones. Please understand this by no way negative on Rolfing, in fact, it’s praising it.

Through Rolfing I feel my body is ‘waking up’ so to speak and had it not been for the session concentrating on my sides and kidneys, I could have been in much more serious pain and hospitalization. I can feel the sessions are making me more aware than I have ever been of my body and it’s at this point half way through (I’ve now had session 4 and 5) that I’m starting to understand the REAL benefits of Rolfing.

After my kidney infection I was very low in mood. I started to cry for no reason, my mind just wouldn’t switch off and my anxiety and sadness was becoming more and more prominent.

I noted it was around the time of almost a year to the day that my Grandad died, one week after that a dear friend was killed in a car crash and a week after that my then boyfriend ended the relationship out of the blue. I mention this because after each heartbreak, within the space of three weeks, I had to get on a train to Leeds and film on Emmerdale. There was no time to grieve or think, I had a job to do. I left Emmerdale last August, and have felt I’ve been on auto pilot ever since.

I noted it was around the time of almost a year to the day that my Grandad died, one week after that a dear friend was killed in a car crash and a week after that my then boyfriend ended the relationship out of the blue. I mention this because after each heartbreak, within the space of three weeks, I had to get on a train to Leeds and film on Emmerdale. There was no time to grieve or think, I had a job to do. I left Emmerdale last August, and have felt I’ve been on auto pilot ever since.

Now in hindsight I can see how I kept putting on a show, never gave myself time for me and switched off and pushed down any feelings of worry, unrest or grief. In the present day, after the low of my kidney infection, it was like it all just came crashing at me. All the feelings, all the pain, all the unanswered questions. Boom! There they were racing round my mind and in many ways my body.

What happened next was, in my mind, amazing. These feelings had been laying dormant for a long time, and although it was hard going through this, I quickly understood that this NEEDED to happen.

And upon talking to Aidan when I returned to my sessions I started to understand how my body and mind were becoming more alive than they had ever been.

After just a week of hitting the lowest of the low in a long time, something kicked in. 14.07.04_RolfingPractice 107502MY FIGHT. I’ve fought hard to get where I am, I know my mind well and I have survived near death due to my past anorexia. Al this meant, now my body was in a full state of aliveness, along with my mind, that I had a fight in me I never knew I had.

The fact I saw the Dr so soon, the way I spoke to my parents of how I was feeling without hesitation, it was like I was ready. Rolfing had brought about all these feelings I am positive of it, and thank god it did. The way I feel now, and have done for the last 2 months, is wonderful. My mind is clear, my anxiety is gone, my grief is now full of love and celebration for those whom died and my forgiveness for the one who left me without explanation is no longer a factor in my life. I forgive. I feel free, happy and more alive than I ever have.

All of this needed to be said, I have always been honest and open. Please don’t misconstrue the above as negative…it’s far from it. Hand on heart, this is the best I have felt in all of my life to date.

I’m starting to understand who I am and fill the world around me.

red_5After my fifth Rolfing session last week I am feeling the benefits more than ever. It’s a feeling in me I want to share far and wide and it really is down to Aidan, his trust, his technique, his Rolfing. My journey with Aidan as I’ve said in previous blogs, started in 2010 at drama school. He was the first person ever to make me realise the disconnection I had to my body after years of neglect. He was the first person to open my eyes to the fact that I wasn’t a little girl anymore, stuck in hospital or Eating Disorder units, I was now a woman, free. Here I am still working with him and growing with him 7 years later. Feeling and living like never before.

I’m a bit of a musical theatre geek and there’s a verse in a well known musical called Wicked from the song Defying Gravity. I want to leave you with it, as it sums up where I am in the process of Rolfing and in my life perfectly.

“Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I’m through with playing by the rules
Of someone else’s game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It’s time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes and leap!

It’s time to try
Defying gravity
I think I’ll try
Defying gravity
And you can’t pull me down!”

If you think you or a loved one suffer from an eating disorder, you may want to contact SEED. Here’s the link SEED Eating Disorders Support Service

Maybe you are considering trying a Rolfing Session with Aidan, in London, here’s how to MAKE AN ENQUIRY OR BOOK A SESSION

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Gemma’s second Rolfing session


In the 2 weeks that have passed since my first session of Rolfing I’ve genuinely, hand on heart,  felt calmer in myself. More sure. Taller. Let me explain. This past week has been hectic, insane and overwhelming as I made numerous TV appearances in the lead up to Eating Disorders awareness week. I’ve done live television interviews many a time and held my own with seeming ease, but in the past the lead up to these times have often been filled with worry and stress. But this time was much different. I felt in control. I felt supported by MYSELF. Whether that’s a progression of age and learning? Maybe so. But I know in part it is down to that first Rolfing experience also. I felt supported by ME if that makes sense? I could feel the floor beneath me more than ever, which Aidan had told me was part of rolfing…feeling the bodies space and support.

I felt stable and had a gravitas in my body I can’t say I’ve ever felt before. 

My wonderful Mum and I went on The Lorraine Kelly show, in what turned out to be, a monumental moment in my life as we delivered an interview that touched the nation, with our story of how I battled with anorexia for 13 years and how we, as a family, overcame, recovered and began our charity SEED (Support and Empathy for Eating Disorders). The response to that interview was overwhelming and alongside almost every media publication picking up the story and aiding to raise even more awareness, we had an influx of referrals to the charity. People whom had suffered from an eating disorder for years, stepping forward, out of the shadows and asking for help. Even friends of sufferers getting in touch asking how they can help their friend. The quote of the interview used over and over was from me, saying, “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel” and my goodness, we have had 100’s finally wanting to find their light and recover from their eating disorder. It’s just been incredible.

During periods of the spotlight being on me, I’ve in the past, become a little smaller in myself, a little guarded, a little scared. How I felt this time was incredibly different.

I felt sure in my words, I felt brave and I felt proud. Even during the interview, when I watched it back, my body was much more open. My neck and shoulders filled the space and I watched as my Mum and I held hands and I supported her as she had me for all these years. 

I watched myself as a young woman, I could see the difference. Another lovely experience I had was catching myself in a conversation with a couple of strangers. My friend had invited me to a cabaret night and when I arrived he was stood with two of his friends I’d never met. He introduced me and I welcomed them both with open arms and a hug (I’m northern, we love a good hug!)  I stood and spoke and laughed and I could feel my body feel so supported beneath me. I’ve never taken note of myself like this before. Almost like I was watching myself from the other side of the room? When my friend and I were on our own, he turned to me and said “You see, that’s why I know I can introduce you to anyone…you hold your own more and more these days and I can’t help but smile watching. You are like a light”. I know this is down to maturing of course, but also, I’m positive, it’s down to rolfing too.

Session 2 began very much the same as session one. Standing up and having Aidan study14.07.04_RolfingPractice 107368 my form. This time we were focusing on the lower body. I’d expressed how I never seemed to have good balance and also felt an unease around my hips, pelvis and torso. I was honest and said I wondered if it was because I didn’t feel confident in my body, especially as I’d put weight on the past 6 months and had always struggled with feeling and allowing myself to be seen as attractive and womanly. I felt tense and as though my legs and pelvis were somehow separate to my whole body and mind. And so the work began, and tellingly, as Aidan lifted the leg and gently pushed it back to the pelvis whilst bent, it felt blocked. One side more than the other which suddenly made sense as to why I often feel unbalanced. In session one, we’d noted that the upper right side of the body was tenser than the left, and now we could see that the lower left side of my body was tenser than the right. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a contortionist! These are just things I would never have noticed so subtly if it weren’t for the care and attention Aidan brings to the Rolfing session.  Once again, Aidan worked by massaging, applying gentle force, asking me to interact to his touch and I could feel my body lengthening and easing again.

I’ve always had a strange unease about the balls of my feet being touched. They felt awkward and I tensed up as he touched and I felt panicked. What was lovely, was being able to express and discuss this. Aidan explained that there are sometimes attachments of emotions to our various body parts, and he asked me to breath deep and release as he gently touched the feet. I instantly felt more relaxed.

By the end of the session I couldn’t believe the difference when I stood on my feet…the pain and tension in the balls of my feet were soft. As I walked we noted an elegance in my step and I could feel it too. I felt open and stable, more than I had in years. I felt light and yet connected to my step.

We had talked at the top of the session about how our back can hold the weight of our past. How we can often push away from what had been and this showed in our posture and stance. What we wanted to try and do was actually feel our past as a part of ourselves. This resonated so much with me. I’ve not had an easy life, that isn’t to garner sympathy, it just is what it is. I’ve been bullied, hurt, attacked for being the person I am. I’ve abused my body through starvation from a terrible illness that takes over your body and mind. I had to fight to be where I am today, literally fight to survive. But here I was…and I have always said my past is my present and made me who I am today. I have no regrets. However as I stood there at the end of the session I could feel my back feel stronger and fuller. I stood tall and felt excepting of what was around me, in objects, in space, gravity and air and that my body didn’t just stop at my skin .

As I stood I could feel there was more than just the floor beneath my feet. Like I was stood on a platform I’d never felt before. Like I knew what was beneath was deeper than the wood floor. It was such a warming and lovely feeling…knowing that I am supported deeper than I ever knew. As I’m trying this process for, yes, myself, but also to look at how and if it can help eating disorder sufferers (ones battling now, and also those recovered) and also if it can help strengthen the body, but more so mind…this was a huge moment for me. I am well and healthy in body and mind now and it’s been an amazing journey,

…but I suddenly realised I still have things to explore and I still have nurturing to do. I’m really feeling I’m on a new journey and it could be my most important one yet.

If you think you or a loved one suffer from an eating disorder, you may want to contact SEED. Here’s the link SEED Eating Disorders Support Service

Maybe you are considering trying a Rolfing Session with Aidan, in London, here’s how to MAKE AN ENQUIRY OR BOOK A SESSION

If you want the list of UK Rolfers, take a look here

Gemma’s 1st Rolfing Session

Gemma Oaten, Rolfing blog







Gemma Rolfing Blag session one


I went to The Light Centre near Victoria where Aidan’s treatment room is and instantly noted the sense of calm in the room. Essentially I believe this is down to Aidan, you can feel his kindness and care before you even get to know him…I instantly felt at ease.

I was asked what I was hoping to get out of my sessions. As I wasn’t there for any sports injuries or muscle aches and pains I started to understand that my journey may be more mental/emotional than physical. 

However, my Mum has arachnoiditis and suffers massively with back pain, and I discussed how this could be hereditary, so maybe Rolfing could be used to prevent this happening to me? Also, I explained how I had been very lucky not to have too many long term effects from my battle with anorexia, notably arthritis, which is rife in former sufferers, and this was also something I’d like to keep at bay. Mainly for me it was about opening up my body and being more confident. Although it may appear I am when I’ve been on live television doing interviews, having photo shoots or walking down a red carpet etc, I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, I feel very much in control in those situations but I am aware that I don’t always find it as easy as I may make it look! Over the last year I have suffered some huge heartache and bereavements which I felt had in some ways lost a part of me, if that makes sense? I told Aidan how I wanted to fill the space again, walk and be with awareness and also truly understand and love my body and mind. Recently I have put on weight, which is no bad thing, but my body has felt alien to me of late. It’s felt like I’ve been disconnected from myself for a while now…having this discussion with Aidan really did require me to be honest with myself.

I wanted to value who I was and feel able to defend myself with assertiveness and sincere belief in what I know to be true of me. I had learnt from researching Rolfing that this was a key factor, and one of the many positives discussed from the process. Finding that gravitas in the body again and standing tall.

Next up, and don’t be scared by this, I had to undress to my underwear (not that the thought of me in my underwear should be scary may I add! I mean don’t be worried that this is part of the process!) I’ll admit, this isn’t an easy thing to do when you’re not so body confident but I felt so at ease in Aidans care in many ways it’s only like you would do if you had a massage. Aidan then took a sketch of my body, looking at my stance, posture and alignment, noting any areas that may seem tense or closed , where gravity didn’t flow and then I laid on the Rolfing table ready for the session to begin. First Aidan cupped the back of my head and neck and gently manipulated the tissue. I can only describe it as a form of massage minus the oils and candles. It felt like my body was gently being kneaded like you would dough, to try and explain as best I can. Almost like making something new, like creating an extra layer…I suddenly felt a sense of warmth over my body. With each exhale I was encouraged to relax more and sink my skull into the back of his hands, to allow my face, head and neck muscles to become heavy to his touch bringing about a lightness. The session lasted 90 minutes in total, I would say a good hour of that is the practise of Rolfing physically and I loved every second. It’s not often I get to take timeout for me. Life can be so manic that I often find I haven’t had a thought for myself some days.


For the first time in a long time I was listening and feeling within my body and it was such a comfort. Throughout the whole session I became aware of how cared for I felt and how I’d not felt this way physically in a long time, maybe even mentally. Not just by the outer elements of life but from myself too.


Aidan worked on the right side of my body first and before he went to attend to the left side we took note of how the sides contrasted. I honestly couldn’t believe the result. My right side of the body was considerably longer. Don’t worry, this isn’t some type of torture! What I mean is, my body had allowed itself to free up and feel and fill the space as opposed to my left side which was so bunched up and tight. And so to work on the left side began. Where as in massage you are encouraged to drift off, this isn’t the case in Rolfing and Aidan did speak at points throughout when instructing me to lift various parts of my body, to push against his touch or to inhale and exhale deeper, the difference here is you are very aware and you work together with your Rolfing instructor. I had read that Rolfing was described as having someone do yoga for you, and now this made total sense. Rolfing isn’t strenuous in any way, in fact it’s very gentle and Aidan explained that with some teachings the manipulation is quite intense, but that he had always trained and been taught to be appropriate with his touch. I think this is important to point out if it aids anyone considering Rolfing to go for it.

My first session was a truly enlightening and wonderful experience.

Once the session was complete I stood back on to my feet and we looked again at the alignment of my body and how I felt. I truly was astonished. I felt taller and so aware of my surroundings. I didn’t feel tired or drained I felt truly invigorated. Open, present and even graceful…which, although born a Tuesday child that’s full of grace, has never been a feeling for me before! I left with the note from Aidan to keep remembering how my body felt like this. He explained that between now and session 2, my body may well close back up again at times, and that when this happens to be aware and try to find that original stance again. My next session is in 2 weeks time and I can’t wait to see what I discover next. There’s a genuine feeling inside me that I may be onto something good, and that’s an exciting feeling. I’ll report back anon!

If you think you or a loved one suffer from an eating disorder, you may want to contact SEED. Here’s the link SEED Eating Disorders Support Service

Maybe you are considering trying a Rolfing Session with Aidan, in London, here’s how to MAKE AN ENQUIRY OR BOOK A SESSION

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Introducing Gemma

Gemma Oaten, Rolfing blog

So now I’ve been Rolfed (well, had my first session of ten sessions). Not to be mistaken with the term ROFL… I’m NOT rolling on the floor laughing. I’m talking about a new form of treatment aimed at physical and mental well being. Here is a little exert from the European Rolfing Association website explaining in technical terms…

What is Rolfing?

“It was Dr. Rolf’s theory that the cause of human discomfort, both physical and emotional may lie in our internal connective tissue and the     relationship it has with the earth’s gravitational field.

There is, she argued, an optimal, more natural alignment for each of us – an easier interaction between self and gravity. When through            external factors this alignment is lost, it causes internal stress that can result in real discomfort best diet pills for women. Prevent or correct the misalignment and you may eliminate or limit the stress. This is at the heart of Rolfing.”

 Still not sure? Ok, let’s start at beginning.

My name is Gemma Oaten and I am an actress…you may know me best for my 4 years playing Rachel Breckle in the ITV soap Emmerdale. I trained at Drama Studio London from 2009 – 2010, where upon we had movement classes with a fantastic teacher called Aidan Treays. Now, I was no mover, and certainly no dancer. My co-ordination was a wonder to behold, in that there’s no wonder, I was awful! But Aidan helped change all that, not in that I could all of a sudden tap dance with the best of them, but he taught me to walk tall and to find a confidence and peace with my body, that in many ways changed my life.

To explain, from the age of 10 – 23 years old I had battled fiercely with anorexia, the severity of this illness almost taking my life on many occasions. Thankfully I fought and can say I am now fully recovered and living my life in the way I’d always dreamed. But when I got to drama school, although recovered, I was still so unconfident and unsure of who I was and still felt so disconnected from my body after the years I had abused it.

Aidan helped me find that inner growth I needed and after I graduated I secured the job of my dreams on Emmerdale, but more than that I grew into a positive and confident young woman.

2 years ago I became patron of my parents eating disorder charity SEED (Support and Empathy for Eating Disorders) which was born out of our struggle with the devastating illness and my parents determination to help carers and sufferers and support anyone going through what we did as a family all those years. Cut to last year when Aidan approached me with the idea of Rolfing as he had recently trained and qualified in the technique.

Aidan’s idea was that Rolfing may well help eating disorder sufferers and also those now recovered, like me, in finding a new sense of gravity, space and awareness in our bodies and also bring about an emotional relief as well as physical.

I loved the idea, any form of help in the growing number of eating disorders cases is something I am always on the lookout for, as well as looking at our mind sets, so I decided to try the experience myself. In the blogs to follow I will aim to share my experience of the 10 sessions and hopefully see and feel the proof in Aidan’s idea.

If you think you suffer from an eating disorder, you may want to contact SEED. Here’s the link SEED Eating Disorders Support Service

Maybe you are considering trying a Rolfing Session with Aidan, in London, here’s how to MAKE AN ENQUIRY OR BOOK A SESSION

If you want the list of UK Rolfers, take a look here